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Disciples Reproduction

Spiritual parents feed and bathe themselves.

  • They are not dependent on a pastor or Bible teacher to spoon-fed them every week.  So, they are starving for spiritual nourishment and they definitely for sure know where to go to eat daily.  It’s daily folks!

  • They also understand that when it comes to sin they know that the Word of God is the scrub brush in our hearts.  So, the Word of God leaves us feeling scrubbed!  So, they know to go to the spiritual fridge and pull out what they know the soul needs.  

They have accountability. 
-And not only that, if there is something that cause them to stumble or something missing in their life, they need mature believers around me to point that out.  They need Accountability.  They need to be humble in the area of accountability.  

-Remember, discipleship flourishes in relationship….Jesus in Matt. 4:19. 

Spiritual Parents will find someone to disciple.        


  • SHARE life with them (Model/Teach) – (Spiritual Infant)

  • CONNECT with the church and a SS Class – (Spiritual Child)

  • Teach someone to MINISTER – (Spiritual Young Adult)

  • Release to DISCIPLE – (Spiritual Parent)

They know that this is the Lord’s Will for the lives of believers and it becomes a mission to them.  The Holy Spirit has empowered them to do so.  They can’t help but make disciples.  They can’t help but to enter into relationships with people because they have become “relational”.  Listen to people to find out where they are on their spiritual journey and join them in the process.

They see people as not just as another person in the pew on Sunday morning to add to the attendance, but they see them as a tool in God’s hands.  That they have purpose and as they mature in Christ the potential that is there, the potential to reach out to others, the potential to minister in Christ’s name, the potential to “parent” others in the church and the community.

Spiritual parents love the church and the work she does to expand the kingdom.  Thinking in terms of how to help a younger believer take the next step in his or her development 

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