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The Characteristics of the Young Adult Stage:
Centeredness and Focus

  • At this stage of discipleship, the disciple is God - centered and others - centered.  

  • There is a desire to go deeper with the Lord....reading the Word more, praying more. Wanting to understand fasting and                                             learning and developing a discipline of stewardship.

  • There is a understanding of loving the Lord and loving others according to the Great Commandment. This is not just a habit in their                              lives, it becomes a passion.

Ministry Focused 

  • Discipleship in the area of ministry to others is developed at this stage.  

  • There are many churches with disciples doing lots of things and staying busy, but to really know your giftedness and serving in that one area is ideal.  

  • Focusing on Spiritual Gifts and how they are used and the work of the Holy Spirit is important in learning about ministry and serving others.

Godly Character 

  • The Bible has been understood and you go from I KNOW THIS to LIVING THIS OUT DAILY what the Lord has said

  • This becomes CONSISTENT in your life as a follower of Christ

  • Being a SERVANT to CHRIST and having a serving attitude to others

  • Humility becomes natural because of Holy Spirit's work in your life 

Dependence on the Holy Spirit

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